Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fortunately, Field Study's Man in E17 was called out by a person on business from Porlock........

Poppy - 8th June 2013

Field Study's Man in E17 spent 6 years in the Quantocks trying to walk in the footsteps of one their more eminent residents, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He wonders if he should have or could have kept a closer connection with the area, as a way of keeping to or following the right path; a path worthy of the education he received during those 6 years, 1976-1982. The last time he visited the Quantock Hills was 4th August 2002, when he enjoyed a fabulous walk in all the stunning poetry of the place, and the walk was so pleasurable he temporarily forgot a personal crisis he had been experiencing very intensely at the time. A cool, fragrant estuarine breeze swept up from the Severn over the moors and through the forest to swirl around a meadow, tall with elegant grasses, encircling the field student standing in the centre of the sway. He was quite overwhelmed and inebriated by the rhythmical circularity of it all. He thinks he made a decision then that resonates within him to this day, that is if any one decision can truly be more important, if not separate, than another.That decision, in his tangled collection of decisions, was to carry on to Salisbury rather than to return to London. The return to London happened sooner and more acrimoniously than he expected. So yesterday, all those moments on from the communion with Coleridge's lost lines, Field Study's Man in E17 found and lost himself in the pleasures of a forest garden on the edge of a different forest, haunted by another poet, John Clare.

 'While many a flower unfolds its charms to view' (Summer, John Clare) 

............and missed his deadline for the report of 8th June 2013.

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