Wednesday, 5 June 2013

a swim in the field with Heqet, Heqat, Hekit, Heket, Hegit, Heget and pale Hecate

Frog - 1st June

Our man in E17 has found himself emerging from the 5th night of a very dark state of mind in which, 'nature seems dead and wicked dreams abuse'.* What or where is the source of the darkness? Some days ago the field student sank into the glistening darkness of a frog's eye. The caws of fox mobbing crows echoed and ricocheted murderously around him as he disappeared into a field of vision he had only imagined. He told me, even though he has been there (in the darkness of a frog's eye) he still thinks he is imagining it rather than remembering it. 'What is it that makes you think that?' I asked him.

*Macbeth, Shakespeare.

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