Sunday, 2 June 2013

a field study of inner liquescence

 1st June 2013

















Field Study's Man in E17 is commissioned with the task of collecting materials from the site, the purpose of which is to provide insights into the various trans-formative processes and energies the site exerts. 

The field student was startled by some mysterious alchemical force that had transformed or transmogrified bone into honeycomb in the depths of his pockets. Had he been paying more attention to the contents of his pockets while he beat and mapped the bounds of the site he would have been able to report precisely when and where the transmogrification occurred. We may find him walking around the site in the dark trying to retrace his journey in an effort to turn the comb back into bone to find the line and/or point of transformation. Why in the dark? Our man in E17 fears his very own skeleton has been transformed and that the summer beat of the sun's rays will find him in a state of inner liquescence; our man inchoate we might say. 

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