Saturday, 1 June 2013

a field study of lost and found flavours

Unidentified Plant - A - 31st May 2013

Which plant does the flower belong to? It is one of the many plants with a place in the field student's limited knowledge of the flora of the allotment site. Of course, all knowledge is limited though 'Field Study's Man in E17' is earnestly (he insists) striving to expand his knowledge and so perhaps find and/or lose himself in that which is beyond just knowing; a fool in search of some site specific wisdom. But here in our head, that is between Julian Beere and 'Field Study's Man in E17', there is a discussion concerning how it is to know, the nature and culture of creating and acquiring knowledge.

What has he found here in the shade of a splendidly blossomed hawthorn in procession with a dog rose and a bay tree?

31st May 2013 - North Chingford.
We would hazard a guess at 'Herb Bennet/Wood avens/Colewort/St Benedict's Herb - Geum urbanum ?

How did we get to this identification? 

A page by page journey through the entire Flora Britannica, (Richard Mabey) 

A visit to this site - - yellow petals to begin

A study of leaf shape illustrations in 'Readers Digest Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants and Flowers' (4th ed' 1987)

We watched and listened to this man:

and followed a trail to here:

walked around the study and picked from his book shelf: Food for Free (Richard Mabey)

And so much more (but what) has been omitted from this (mis-)identification process?

We wonder if any soups and broths dished up during the course of, Appetite, will have as an ingredient, Herb Bennet, recalling the long lost flavours and palates of 16th century appetites?

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