Friday, 7 June 2013

a field student turns back time to be in time for the first flower of the bramble hedge to open but in the future he was still too late

At 23 minutes past a witching hour 'Field Study's Man in E17' tapped into the supernatural forces of the site and caused time to turn back so that he can continue to fool himself he is reporting daily on his allotment field studies. It was early Saturday morning however FSMiE17 needed it to be Friday to avoid the failure and humiliation of a missed deadline. A simple sequence of clicks on the 'Post settings - Schedule' menu allows for this deceit; well a deception it would be but for the brutal honesty of the field student in his undeceiving deceptions.

At 39 minutes past the witching hour he took me here and then there (above) and pointed to the first of the bramble flowers (below) to open. Is this the first, the very first, flower of the whole hedge? The field student tends to think he is so 'with it', as in the allotment site, that he can be there for the first flowering emanations of it's perennials. 'Look! There are thousands of them to come!' I thanked the field student for taking me back to the first flower however I feared his vanity and egotism,in part fueled by the seductive forces of the site, had triggered a timequake. Readers of Kurt Vonnegut will know this can be, depending on the time, a laughing and/or no-laughing matter. What happened, what is 'Timequake' about, what was it about? Have I forgotten? Will I have to read it again? Will I forget the moment I start reading? The field student pretended to be more familiar with the novel (and the asynchronous Kilgore Tout) and speculated obtusely that each and every flowering will take me back to the first. I have to confess I was terrified and that what ensued was an episode of shuddering florophobia. 

Blackberry - 7th June 2013

At 81 minutes past the witching hour he recalled another plant in bloom beneath the dense bramble canopy. The field student thinks it is an allium.

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