Sunday, 19 May 2013

a field study of setting fruit in the eye of a thermophillic stink storm

Ribes nigrum - Blackcurrant bushes - netted
18th May 2013

So much was happening within and about the urban suburban pastoral edgeland retreat that is the allotment that Field Study's Man in E17 was temporarily overwhelmed. 'It's all too much', he sang.The field student sang a little like a certain Mr Steve Hillage, who covered George Harrison's song from the Beatles album/soundtrack, Yellow Submarine. Complex bacterial processes played on the field student's olfactory nerves and rendered him dumbfounded. He was found rooted to a spot close to some netted blackcurrants. The fruit appeared to be beginning to set and this may have been what the field student was finding out before he lost himself completely in the miasma of raw municipal compost. 

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