Friday, 10 May 2013

a field study of a bird's nest in a shed

On 21st April Field Study's Man in E17 discovered a birds nest in one of the allotment sheds. He thinks it might be a wren's, robin's or blue tit's nest. He's not sure because he didn't want to stay too long and disturb the nesting birds any more when he discovered the nest in some clothes, hidden behind a sweatshirt, on a coat rack . He had taken a bag down from the coat rack and spooked one of the parents. He felt a very sudden brushing by his ear as the bird flew out of the shed. He gently pulled the sweatshirt back and found the nest, saw some chicks in it, and so left promptly. About an hour later he caught a glimpse of a bird flying into the shed via a gap between the roof and the wall next to the large black water butts. He deduced he hadn't scared the parents off. From 21st April to 8th May the shed was out of bounds with the door closed, as it usually is and must have been most of the time when the nest was built. We also thought the moment of discovery was unlikely to have been the first time we had been in the shed while the birds were nesting there. While walking by the shed on 4th May, the field student heard and peeped in to see some the gaping mouths of a clutch of chicks. Most evenings since April he has watched the shed from a distance to try and identify the nesting bird. By Tuesday 7th May he hadn't seen the parent birds. By Wednesday 8th May the shed was very quiet and so he decided to go in. He found an empty nest. 

Nest in shed - May 8th 2013.

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