Wednesday, 29 May 2013

a field student of anal retention and expulsion

Above is a screen grab of 'Field Study's Man in E17's' photo' folder for May 2013. As we approach the end of this month there are, if the image is not so clear, 169 folders which add up to c.1.2 gigabytes of data - nearly all of it jpegs/images made or taken during the field student's daily visits to the allotment/forest garden. What could this zeal for history of the site amount to beyond the edge of the field student's parochial horizon?
While the field student contemplates the extent of his profundity there are some more recent images to view of the medlar tree; a tree in which he has expressed some very prurient interest. In this simultaneously retentive and expulsive broadcast we can report the field student's act of recording took 4 minutes and 14 seconds - from the first digital photograph to the last. The act of looking may have involved more time, although if the looking and recording were concurrent, the field student has, quite fancifully in my opinion, suggested that in every one of those 254 seconds was an eternity. How might every photograph in the archive be considered 'a catastrophe that has already occurred'?
While anal retention and expulsion are key factors to consider in the conception and execution of this field study there is also the complex matter (and 'immatter') of self actualisation in the relationships between blog and allotment sites. We are attempting to scale the heights of Maslow's hierarchy of needs to reach the apex, the summit that is self actualisation. Lost and Found in E17 as a ritual involves various acts/activities - e.g. a lot of visits to the blog's statistics pages - and in these routine acts there is an effort to cultivate a sense of positive self esteem by dint of numbers of visits generated. There has been some laughter out loud and in the mind of the author about the provenance of 'his' 'stats' - as so much of the traffic appears to be 'spam' via porn sites.
Field Study's Man in E17 hopes that this document of a medlar tree, with it's 'Rabelasian' associations, is making all our routines, rituals and visits worthwhile.

  Medlar 26th May 2013

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