Sunday, 6 March 2011

a field student of provenance and nestduftwarmebindung

Sean Hearn explaining some of the complexities of nestduftwarmebindung

Detail of the insulation of Organiclea's Hawkwood classroom - straw bale construction
- nestduftwarmebindung in action -

Detail of a section of a Warre hive - used by natural beekeepers.

Detail of a Warre hive super showing comb formation on hanging bars.

Apiary with new willow hedge

A Warre hive/apiary in situ

Sean Hearn of Organiclea Community Growers organised an awareness day about natural bee-keeping at the Hawkwood Nursery. The event was attended by a group of practising bee-keepers based in north and east London who are in the process of establishing an east London bee-keepers network or association. The event was attended by apiarists of various kinds and was intended to foster awareness, understanding and constructive debate about issues affecting bees and the environment.

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