Sunday, 20 March 2011

A field student of moonstroke

The moon was brilliant over Walthamstow last night and I wonder if it was the cool stroke of pale Hecat which touched my mind as I ventured along a path between St James St and Stephenson Rd.


I video recorded my walk along the path between St James St and Stephenson Rd. later, using, Windows Movie Maker 2.6 - the video editing suite for Windows XP which is available as a free download for use on Windows 7 systems - I cut the sequence up into numerous sections and applied a fade transition between each. I saved each set of cuts and fades as a whole movie file, and then re-treated those movies to the same cutting and fading process. Whereas the source sequence was over 2 minutes long, the several times cut and faded sequence was just 20 seconds long. Using the Win'7 movie maker suite, I slowed the shortened sequence down to the same duration as the source sequence.

I am reading Kingdom Come, J G Ballard hence the little homage at the end of the film. I am wondering where, if at all, the word, nowhere appears in this novel.

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