Thursday, 17 March 2011

a field student of missing steps

Recently I listened to Lottie Child in an interview broadcast on Resonance Fm. For people interested in the art of walking and related disciplines, I recommend this programme and blog:

Lottie Child also featured on another Resonance Fm broadcast

In the Furtherfield programme, Lottie Child talks about her work during the following times: 14:05 to 21:54 and 27:20 to 35:50. Her interview is followed by another with members of Space Makers Agency.

Lottie Child was one of the artists who participated in 'Games and Theory', an exhibition at the South London Gallery, in 2008.

SLG et al provided a free neat little (A6) 27 page booklet to accompany this exhibition, of which a few scanned pages are featured below

For those interested in the archival adventures of Field Study's man in E17, I can report the task of retrieving this booklet from the labyrinth of boxes beneath my bed was particularly unpleasant. Indeed, while in this sub dream space, I was ambushed by a pack of field study man eating mice. Armed only with a tooth pick I fought them off and managed to heave the relatively weighty tome out of the darkness and into the broad tungsten light. Field Study's man in E17 strives, in the midst of many perils, to provide for your delectation.
Incidentally, the Furtherfield programme also features (shortly before the Child slots) Stewart Home threatening to levitate a building in which Stockhausen was performing - 'psychodisturbanism' if not psycho-terrorism at play.

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