Sunday, 14 October 2012

Field Study's Man in E17 surfs

I have been studying the merits, or not, of continuing to feed our honey bees with sugar syrup - a substance invariably prepared with Tate & Lyle granulated white sugar. Tut tuts and teeth sucking at this besmirchment are resounding. The honey stores of each of our hives/colonies (we have three) have not, despite continual feeding since August, reached the requisite 20kg to nourish or fuel the bees through to next spring. Various climatic and (bee) physiological factors, some quite complex, mean feeding with syrup might be inappropriate or harmful. Dire straits!
Meanwhile, 'Field Study's Man in E17' has been surfing the magnificent tube of You to imbibe knowledge about the manufacture of sugar, honey gathering and sweet toothness (toothity?) partly in an attempt to reconnect with Jacob Jacobsen and the ghosts of E17 retail cargo cults. Check out these gnarlatious video honeys, you dudes and dudettes you:


 A pole cum log found at the rear of Clock House, Wood St, E17 and dedicated to the memory of Jean (lumber) Jacques Rousseau 

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