Sunday, 21 October 2012

a field student of coops, skeps and super highways in Bow

Field Study's Man in E17 found himself in Bow recently at another Co-op skep emblem to add his field study. This 'Nisa' is on Bow Road, close to the Bow Road Interchange. The latter is a dismal and appalling location to cycle through despite some recent efforts to try and make it more cycling friendly. It is on a cycling super highway - which takes in Bow Road, Mile End Road, Whitechapel Road and Whitechapel High St to Aldgate, where there is more abysmal road design in the shape of the junction of Mansell St, Aldgate High St, Whitechapel High St and Botolph St. It is baffling that a much applauded 'improvement' in cycling infrastructure should begin and end east/west and vice versa which such hazardous junctions.  

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