Sunday, 30 September 2012

Field Study's Man in E17 weaves between the past and presents

Bee Wilson, in her story of the honey bee and us, The Hive, tells of how Jean Jacques Rousseau believed that honey hunting was a basis for a more democratic and equitable society, that 'a culture of gathering honey from mountains and hollow trunks of trees' necessitated a justice and good faith that are the antithesis of the ethics and morality of 'large, decadent, sugar-eating nations'. So it was on a very decadent Saturday afternoon I indulged in a solitary walk about Walthamstow in an attempt to make more connections to or with the Co-op beehives on Hoe St. While my feet trod the paths of E17 my mind wandered variously further afield.

From top to bottom,

Henrietta Lynch - from the E17 Art Trail 2012

Anansi weaves a web in the passage way to The Makers Yard - E17 Art Trail 2012

Field Study's Man in E17 narrowly escapes Anansi's web

Ghost sign on Jewel Road

Ghost sign on Jewel Road - 'Cooperative Trading' ?

View of part of the William Morris Garden, Lloyd Park

Guide to the garden paths

William Morris and garden path interpretations

Verbena bonariensis - detail?

Cornflower, Centaurea montana ?

Centaurea montana - bud - detail ?

Centaurea montana - bud - detail with honey bee

Cornflower, Centaurea montana - with bumble bee

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