Thursday, 27 September 2012

Field Study's Man in E17 forages for more oops and igns

While out walking this evening I revisited another old co-op sign, this being the ghost sign on the side of what is now the Casanova restaurant on St James St. The photographs above were taken last year and since then the cables, if I recall correctly, have been removed. Earlier in the walk I came across another ghost sign at the bottom of Jewel Rd. It may also be for a co-op. 

It was an evening walk for signs of other sorts as well. This is the first time I've come across these projections in light for South Grove and the High St. I assume they are a part of the redevelopment of the South Grove (car park) area courtesy of 'South Grove Regeneration Walthamstow Ltd'. 'SGRW Ltd' will facilitate the arrival of a 'tailor made for Walthamstow' Morrisons into the town centre. Is another supermarket really needed here?

More details about the council's involvement in this are here
A more critical appraisal of the project from Waltham Forest Civic Society is here

I like the idea that something more than half the 230 apartments will be affordable - presumably to plebeians - and that the remaining apartments will not be affordable to ordinary working people on low to middle incomes but affordable to .......? 

When I snapped out of the discombobulation induced by the quirky skew-whiffery of the South Grove illuminations my attention was drawn to the mysterious inscriptions on the pavements. Perhaps they are the beginnings of the improved cycling and walking links to the town centre?

I hope that these improvements will be fit for purpose and resilient to the increased volume of service and customer motor traffic - and that this sort of conduct, as reported by Freewheeler, will not be possible let alone tolerated. 

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