Saturday, 10 September 2011

a field student of encircling

As ‘a field student of encircling’ I performed a whirling dance atop a tree stump in Aveling Park, intoning “flux” to the moon. The invocation involved the evaporative images of a hare, dog and tortoise chasing each other’s tails in pursuit of nowhere around the base of the stump. Witness to the spectacle, were two teenagers whose attempt at a communal smoke was thwarted as their jaws dropped and their fags fell to the ground. When the images had completely spiritualised, and thus was I released from my lunacy, I mused on the health benefits of my actions. I would not be offended if you rejected the notion of the dance as a sacred rite and chose instead a judgement of tomfoolery. Elsewhere on the E17 Art Trail more serious and sincere artists visited Walthamstow’s genuine places of worship in order to explore and express meanings of place. 

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