Tuesday, 6 September 2011

a field student of contours

This evening, as Field Study's Man in E17, I set out for the live tattooing spot on the art trail. When I arrived there did not appear to be any tattooing going on, nor art trail signs to invite art 'trailors' in. I entertained the thought of offering myself for a tattoo but hesitated as I failed to resolve a dilemma as to what I would have tattooed and where. I stood divided between the 2011 E17 Art Trail logo or my art trail spot number - no.148. I envisaged myself in wrinkly old age adorned with years of art trail spots almost as if I were ridden with a comic book pox. As I arrived pruriently at a few choicely located spots, one of my guardian numbskulls piped up and talked some sense into me. I left, en route for Chestnuts Field via Clay Path, to design a contour.


The rapidly revolving doors of Clay Path perception served their purpose of disorientating me sufficiently well enough to ensure some lack of balance in the process of creating a contour. It is important not to be able to walk in a straight line when designing a contour.
Once on and in the field I unwound it's length in a fine silk thread to create a huge loop. I wavered and meandered a traversal of a character distinctly lacking in elegance. I blame the wind and its tangling effects.
Quite what the gentleman smoking (sic) at the edge of the field made of this tangled loopy spectacle I do not know however his speeding away in a car suggests some alarm on his part.
Having untangled myself I managed to form an impression of a contour fit for a map somewhere but as yet nowhere to be found.


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