Sunday, 11 August 2013

a field student found

Elephant Hawk Moth - 10th August 2013.
Pond edge.

Field Study's Man in E17 is probably more lost than found (in E17?) following an upheaval that was a move (of home) from Walthamstow, E17 to Leytonstone, E11. He was comfortable with his attachment to E17 in some respects however an opportunity to take up residence in an altogether more affable domicile in E11 was not to be missed. The field student might have got mixed up in a flux of relocation that included a relatively large quantity of paper - various studies - which could not be accommodated in the new abode. Most of the studies, stored in the form of notebooks, journals, loose leaf bundles, sketchbooks, had not been out of the storage boxes (and those boxes out from the remote storage places) for years. The studies as a body of work existed in an entropic state, in that the time and energy available to sort out and pack the possessions did not allow much in the way of reacquaintance  or rediscovery. Having to jettison so much so indifferently felt like a form of abrogation and nullibiety. I had the grim, morbid and maudlin thought that I might not have been me sorting through my copious stuff. Who would sort through it and what would they save? Whoever I was I accumulated a lot of sacks full of paper, an eviscerated and chartaceous mass that was destined for the allotment for some redemptive application.

The studies are soaking in wheely bins and barrels full of water, garden waste and compost - a process that will create a pulp which can be composted further and the resulting material returned to the soil. There may be more fictitious and fanciful processes involved that see the composting as a beneficial interaction in the life cycles of the site, and that the recycled energies of those studies emanate in the wonderful flora and fauna of the site - such as the Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar found near the pond yesterday.

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