Sunday, 24 March 2013

Field Study's Man in E17 is ANXIOUS

Chitting Potatoes - 24th March 2013 

Allotment Plot B - Field Merz in Progress - March 2013

Field Study's Man in E17 is a hardy soul and he is not deterred from his weekly visit to the allotment by the persistence and tenacity of winter. 
The weather today is in such contrast to that of the same day last year. Here are some photographs from the archive to illustrate the difference. A warm sunny day, a willow in full flower, the bees collecting and storing considerable quantities of pollen and the queens laying well. It will be far too cold to look in the brood boxes today although we will have to make very quick inspections of the sugar fondant stores we have been providing to ensure the bees, confined by the cold, are not starving.

24th March 2012

FSMiE17 has been depositing his own eggs of a sort. You may recognize them as seed potatoes put in egg trays to chit. You would not be wrong however, in the field student's mind, they are also eggs; giant ant eggs, e.g.

We hoped we would have the seed potatoes ready for planting out in Plot B of the allotment - an area currently covered by a giant collage of cardboard, plastic and other materials - a field merz/merz field. The cold weather is forecast to continue right through Easter and so delay the planting of the main crop potatoes and consequently increasing the chance of blight later in the year. A summary of the psychological report for Field Study's Man in E17 for 24th March 2013 concisely states - ANXIOUS.  

Field Study's Man in E17 communes with culture and nature during his visits to the allotment. Today he will attempt to commune with Kurt Schwitters, Victor Grippo and, if there is space, Robert Rauschenberg. I suggested to the field student this would be a very blokey congregation - with a sort of dead white European male bias. Grippo was Argentinian, he replied. He told me he would try and address this bias. 

The purpose of the convention is to inform a field study emanation.

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