Monday, 26 November 2012

Field Study's Man in E17 meanders in a cryptoshrubbery

Empress Avenue 24th Nov' 2012

Ash tree growing flat sided right up against Walthamstow Stadium 

Many of the drainpipes have been removed from the stadium wall 

The 'cryptoforestation'* of the stadium interior I 

The 'cryptoforestation' of the stadium interior II

 Where the Ching is piped under the stadium and Chingford Rd towards Hoxton Manor Allotments.

The Ching swelling with the recent rains. According to Joan Morgan**
 this stretch of the river bed was deepened to help prevent flooding. 

Divellicated willow fallen across the river 

Collapsed river bank 

The River Ching meandering between Labour and Conservative  

 All that remains

The bridge over the River Ching near to the end of Cavendish Rd

* Cryptoforestry -

**Joan M. Morgan,  A Study of the River Ching, Walthamstow Historical Society, 1952. 

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