Thursday, 5 April 2012

Field Study's Man in E17 on a manifestation of illuminated cargo cults


  1. Great work! Long live the Cargo Cult. Good Friday here and the 2011 Field Report has started to be put together.
    best wishes

  2. Hi David, thanks. The Cargo Cult is a fascinating subject and theme and I have enjoyed seeing the Field Study emanations and manifestations about it. The pictures above are from a project in 2006, part of a celebration of a local food festival. Of all the elements I recall getting very excited about, it was the (cheese) grater lantern study. I thought the ark lantern could be understood as a form of cargo cult lure or decoy - or even a mothership-garden shed come to land on your landing strip. While trawling the internet image bank via "cargo cult" I found this Ray Johnson link:
    I'm looking forward to seeing the 2011 Field Report and contributing to the 2012.
    All the best,