Sunday, 25 March 2012

Field Study's Man in E17 was No one Nobody Knows Nowhere near Colforth Rd, E11

I have assumed the qualities of a cockroach to explore the nether regions of my archive, making sure many a nook, cranny and crevice is prospected for darkish materials for a fothcoming show at the Waltham Forest Arts Club, Turnaround exhibition at Wood St Indoor Market. With a small but very bright torch I have survived avalanches of rampant acid artist squelch works. Cockroaches are exceptionally resilient and it was this resilience that enabled me to find these impressive landscapes on a postcard from the cut and paste collagium of A1 Waste Paper Co. aka Michael Leigh (Flobberlob). The arses were addressed to me at a street and postcode which, as far as I know, did not exist. However they still found me which is part of the magic of snail mail - something electronic mail cannot do. Just one dot out of place in an email address and the message is lost. 

I had participated in one of A1's mail art assembly projects - Squint. The process involves artists mailing loose pages which are collated into editions and each contributor receives a copy of the book in return.

The book usually contains a page with the names and addresses of the contributors. I have not taken the liberty of publishing this. The 'playful bit of No one Nobody Knows' is (of) a page I contributed - an 'acid artist squelch work' lost somewhere between Woodside Car Park and Stratford Picturehouse in 2003.

Here's a link to some earnest art analysis.

Some of this material will be in situ as part of 'Paper, Textile and Canvas' at the E17 renowned Arts Club Pop Up Gallery.

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