Thursday, 20 October 2011

a field student of ambulations, amputations and negotiations

Photographing these subjects at night with auto flash has not been sympathetic to some of the subtleties of their forms and for this insensitivity I, as Field Study's Man in E17, apologize. A recent evening jaunt took me to several places around Walthamstow where the capacity of plants to adapt to difficult environments can be viewed. I have reported on this phenomenon before - here - where trees are growing in er, harmony?, with the increasingly derelict dog stadium. I may be contributing a trivial point of view to or on the fiasco of the dogs, which the Archipelago of Truth has reported on more pertinently. Of course my perambulations have a purpose in that they serve as reconnaissance (field studies) and warnings for extra terrestrial trees; those that might be visiting from other planets. This my friends is what might happen should you get stuck in a fence. 

Piffle indeed. A recent contretemps concerning a laurel hedge and fencing (of the wooden sort) might give the images some more edgy suburban context. A neighbour to an allotment I share complained very angrily about the cutting back of his hedge which had grown over into the allotment and over some adjacent raised beds. What ****** planet do you think you are on? was one of the 'questions' he bellowed. I think it was an unusual instance of good sense and diplomacy which prevented me from answering, quite matter of factly, Earth. 



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