Wednesday, 17 August 2011

a field student of inbetweens

As 'Field Study's Man in E17', I took to the squares of Walthamstow Central on Sunday to contribute an art-book making workshop (under the auspices of Waltham Forest Arts Club) to the E17 Art Trail, 'On Your Marks', launch and warm up event. Above are snaps from the event featuring the book making workshop 'station' (manned by Julie Caves, Helen Porter and myself), the drop-in book-making workshop in progress, one of the 'djs' who provided musical accompaniment to the art games and various demonstrations including a bmx painting display. The art trail information hub, had a great many flyers, postcards, posters and leaflets on display. Among the posters is the one (below), designed by Devanyi Parmar, for, 'Here Local Further Afield', a group show in which I am involved. My objectives for the show have changed in the last month as I have decided not to exhibit my sculptural maps/field studies in progress until next year.

Of the many art trail leaflets, posters and cards I was happy to find, this one (below - both sides shown) particularly caught my attention:


As 'Field Study's Man in E17', I try to practise an art of walking as a way of clearing my mind of cluttered thoughts in preparation for a place to stop, stand still (sometimes with my eyes closed) and listen. I have found it easier to listen in places where I can sit as standing still with closed eyes incurs unwelcome self consciousness and a sense of vulnerability. I may present a field report on this aspect of my exploration of Walthamstow.


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