Friday, 15 July 2011

a field student of cogitations

Field Study's ruminant in E17 headed for the vegetable (vegetative?) fields of E4 to seek some grounded reflections on the this, that and every which way dilettantish nature of his studies. Above he found the keenly perforating thorns of the forest garden's worcester berry bushes, the fruits of which were to be found hanging beneath the leafy canopy, hidden in a high summer forest gloom. An acidic sharp and sweet reward. 

While elsewhere on the allotment plot, below is evidence of a sustained procession around the raised rocket bed - a path trodden, scraped, plucked and stripped so as to be bare to the soil and dust. This vigorously peppery rocket appears to have found it's roots in the former site of a once long established composting site.

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