Monday, 9 May 2011

a field student of Punch and Judy openings

This is a clip of the start of a Punch and Judy show at yesterday's Spring Fayre at Covent Garden, in the grounds of St Paul's Church. There was some confusion and perhaps a little tension, a whiff of puppeteer rebellion in the air, as the event had been scheduled to start at 10.30am however some of the 'professors' (Punch and Judy puppeteers) who had started to perform to the swelling audience gathering in the garden were duly instructed to stop. It seems no dramatic shows can be performed next to a church while there is a service in progress. Shows could not commence until midday. A few professors instigated a mini mutiny and started preparing their shows however this disobedience was promptly quelled and the mischievous Punches did not resume their wicked ways until the end of the church service. The garden theatre, an arena of puppet booths was barely able to accommodate the audience so large it had become by midday. The situation was a fantastic melding of puppet shows, swazzled (?) voices, children's screams and howls, brass bands and old fairground games. Standing eyes closed just listening in the midst of all that was quite dizzying.   

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