Tuesday, 8 February 2011

a field student fears abduction

Followers may have noticed the disappearance of a recent post - 'a field student locates his psycho tin opener'.


The post is about accessing the London Borough of Waltham Forest's Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way. The post is saved as a draft and may be republished at a later date when certain complications and technicalities are clarified, concerning what 'confidential' means in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Being a civic minded chappy I have decided to make polite approaches to some of those involved.


Here is a draft of an email sent today, 8/2/11. The name of the recipient has been erased for the purposes of confidentiality.

The email reads,

Dear ...........,

Thank you for the email message which I assume is intended for me although the content is addressed to .....X..... I believe .....X...... is the One Stop officer/adviser I spoke to when making an enquiry, in person, about accessing the Definitive Map/Public Rights of Way and Statement. Having been assured by the one stop adviser I would be sent a message about my enquiry, I, saw the email subject matter and proceeded to read it. Having read and absorbed much of the content, I then discovered the message could be a confidential communication (re: CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE). I do apologise for this; I assumed the beginning of the message was an administrative error.

I would like to view the Definitive Map, the purpose of this viewing being research for an art project about footpaths and walking in Waltham Forest (Walthamstow specifically). Would it be possible to view the map and statement in early March?

I apologise for the delay in notifying you about some of the anomalies in/of the email. Would you confirm, if appropriate, that the details enclosed in your communication are confidential i.e. your name, contact details and the brief details concerning the Definitive Map?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr J A Beere.




The confidentiality notice which would be attached, at the bottom of the message, to an in house council email communication would read:

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information contained in this e-mail is intended only for the individual, persons or entity to whom it is addressed.

It may contain privileged and confidential information and, if you are not the intended recipient, you must not read, copy or distribute it, nor take any action in reliance upon it. If you have received this e-mail in error, please inform the sender as soon as possible and delete the e-mail from your computer.

I look forward to a reply.

My readership numbers/page visits are usually very small however today, there has been a relatively blogospheric spike - according to the stats utility. I have reviewed my civic responsibility. There have been over 100 visits today all ready; a massive increase on the usual 10 (or less). It seems my quoting Will Self's use of the word, 'abduction' and my accounts of perambulations in 'Highams Park' has attracted some specialist interest.

The stats reveal a referring URL, thus:


Some of the sites, including a Waltham Forest Guardian article, contain information of this nature:


Location. Highams Park, London, England
Date: February 21 2009
Time: 2200
Mrs. P, a 52 year old swimming instructor was walking her dog with her boyfriend when she thought she saw young children playing with a torch in the woods. As she approached the forested area, the torch was shone on her, and she noticed burnt footprints on the ground and the smell of sulfur. The little figure that resembled a child in stature entered a white cylinder that was 4foot long. The cylinder then turned a glowing red and took off trailing two jets of flame. Mrs. P watched the cylinder ascend to the cloud base and pass through it.

HC addendum
Source: Flying Saucer Review Autumn 2008
Type: B


It is with some trepidation I am preparing for my next evening stroll here in the archipelago of truths which are out there. Of course I am being hysterical when imagining my unwitting communications with the (secret?) services of LBWF may prompt covert operations aimed at eliminating a certain security risk.

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