Monday, 14 May 2012

Field Study's Man gets all charged up

Many thanks to David Dellafiora and the other 260-odd (259) students of the field for the wonderful, 'Journal of Field Study International - Field Report 2011'. As I opened the parcel and pulled the report out it positively crackled with collective creative cargo charges or particles which, like the 'Higgs boson', can only be known in the artful imagination of science.

This here snapographer diligently recorded the accord of the brimful and brimless before I (or he) got lost in the particularities of interconnecting field studies and their manifestation.  

I was and am inspired and invigorated by the acuity of  my fellow reporters and thus have set about with new or recharged determination to explore the field of retail cargo culture in Wood Street, E17.
I made haste to Wood Street Indoor Market to assist with the reception of a new artist in residence in the Waltham Forest Arts Club Pop Up Gallery. Once my teetering at the top of a step ladder skills had been exhausted I departed and arrived very quickly at a recently vacated unit or shop that excited me into a dancing frenzy of mock and reflective blu tacking - a sort of manic dot to dot dance.

Back at Beere HQ I contemplated the political connotations of those newly revealled though most likely only temporary splodges of blu tak. If I could connect the dots what would be revealled? Dots of a less bulky nature will be employed by Field Study's Man in E17's (horrible apostrophe emanation) 'Carriage' - 

'Carriage' is an installation of darkness and light moving slowly towards a field and feasibility study of retail cargo culture in Wood Street. Carriage is never open or closed, rather it is 'outside in' and/or 'inside out'. The 'outside in' hours are Wood Street Indoor Market opening hours. The 'inside out' hours are those of the strictly or very private view (31st May 6-8pm WSIM late opening) wherein just one person at a time will be permitted to enter (the) space. When Wood Street Indoor Market is closed, Carriage is outside of opening hours and so is only inside. 'Carriage' is guaranteed to disappoint.


  1. Good to see the Report got to you in one piece. Carriage is excellent, a true temple of The Retail Cargo Cult!
    best wishes

  2. Hello David, thank you. I've just been revisiting, 'How It Is', (Miroslaw Balka's installation at Tate Modern), via Edgelands, by Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts - one or rather two of the many works that will, all being well, inform Carriage which might become a subject for a Resite contribution.